Korman Center at Drexel

Powering education and innovation at Drexel University

The Korman Center at Drexel houses over 8,000 square feet of labs, study space, community lounges, and powers innovation at Drexel. The quad in front of the building is at the center of campus.

In 1977, Drexel alumni Max and Sam Korman were honored with the Korman Center on campus. The building originally served as Drexel's library, and from 1983 became the data center on campus.

A generous gift from the Hyman Korman Family Foundation allowed the entire building and quad in front to be updated in 2016. The new Korman Center, dedicated on June 6, 2018, added two stories of collaborative workspace, new student space and a new fa├žade to the existing Korman building while blending it with a modernized Quad. On May 29, 2019, the Korman Writing and Tutoring Center opened for students.

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Korman Center at Drexel