AVE by Korman Communities Receives 2024 Kingsley Excellence Award

In early February of this year, AVE by Korman Communities, was awarded the prestigious 2024 Kingsley Excellence Award, and for the second year in a row received the No. 1 ranking in the Kingsley Surveys Elite 5 Category. This prestigious award is issued by Grace Hill, innovator of performance management solutions for multifamily and commercial real estate companies and is the industry's gold standard for excellence in property management and resident satisfaction.

An organization qualifies for this outstanding recognition by consistently exceeding industry standards and by delivering an above-and-beyond experience to residents of multifamily properties such as AVE. Residents themselves determine who qualifies for this recognition through none other than feedback from resident satisfaction surveys developed and analyzed by Grace Hill, a leading provider of technology driven performance solutions.

Korman Communities is honored that AVE, its multifamily residential brand, has received such high marks from the very community it serves. “It's reflective of our team's passion and dedication to taking care of our residents, delivering top-notch service and creating a real sense of community every day,” says Lea Anne Welsh, COO of Korman Communities and President of AVE.

Representing more than 2300 companies worldwide, Grace Hill has served as the industry leader in analyzing and comparing precisely developed professional surveys for both residential and commercial real estate companies. Its own Kingsley Index benchmark tool allows such enterprises to accurately develop and implement the most relevant changes necessary to achieve Kingsley Excellence status. To have reached and achieved beyond this index is precisely what distinguishes AVE by Korman Communities as most exemplary in the multifamily residence arena.

Kingsley Award 2024
Kingsley Excellence - 2024 Resident Satisfaction Award