The Art of Leadership

Larry Korman, co-CEO of Korman Communities and President of AKA Hotel Residences, is back on the Hospitality Mavericks Podcast  to talk all about the value of maintaining consistency in business operations, regardless of external circumstances.

Larry provides insights into the importance of humanizing the hospitality experience, especially in unprecedented times, like during the pandemic. He explains how the new approach to extended stay and traditional hotel stays, taking into account human experiences and demand for longer stay, self-sufficient sanctuaries, helped the company raise funds globally and resulted in the new vision and expansion of Hotel AKA.

Larry reiterates his commitment to upholding transparency and honesty in all his business dealings and reflects on the importance of allowing the company culture to evolve, stressing the importance of bringing onboard competent leaders who can improve business operations.

Today, AKA has expanded its portfolio to 16 total properties, 9 of which are Hotel Residences and 7 are new Hotel AKA properties.

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Interview with Larry Korman on The Hospitality Maverick Podcast