Korman's Unique Approach to Real Estate Development and Investment Opportunities

29 May 2024 Business

The allure of real estate as an investment option remains robust, offering significant potential for long-term gains. However, navigating this landscape to achieve investment objectives can be daunting, primarily due to the specialized focus of many real estate firms, which may restrict their ability to maximize investment returns. This specialization contrasts sharply with Korman's comprehensive approach. 

Korman distinguishes itself by offering investors a holistic partnership that encompasses property ownership, seasoned property management, and the stewardship of two internationally recognized brands: AKA and AVE. This integration of property ownership, property management, and brand development within a single entity is a rarity in the real estate sector. Typically, these functions are handled by distinct organizations, but Korman's unified strategy enables a more cohesive and efficient approach to real estate investment. 
A Spectrum of Expertise: Strategic Asset Management, Acquisitions, and Development 
Korman's proficiency in real estate is extensive, covering a spectrum beyond traditional property management. Recognized for its meticulous approach to managing properties, Korman's expertise also spans financial reporting, human resources, property development, architectural and interior design, construction, and a suite of additional services integral to the real estate sector. This comprehensive grasp of the real estate ecosystem propels sector performance and ensures the optimization of potential and profitability at each juncture. 
Delving deeper into Korman's capabilities reveals a strategic approach to asset management, acquisitions, and development, underscoring its significant role within the industry. Korman's asset management strategies are designed to enhance value across its portfolio, employing rigorous financial analysis, data analysis, operational oversight, and market positioning to elevate property performance. This focus on maximizing asset value is complemented by Korman's proactive acquisition strategy, where opportunities are identified and capitalized upon to foster portfolio growth and diversification. 
Furthermore, Korman's development initiatives demonstrate a keen eye for innovation and sustainability, with projects that meet and exceed industry standards. The company's ability to navigate the complexities of development — from initial concept to design, construction, and eventual market introduction — exemplifies its comprehensive capabilities within real estate management. 
Through these multifaceted operations, Korman has established itself as a leader in real estate sector performance, capable of driving significant outcomes for its stakeholders. The organization's integrated approach to asset management, combined with its strategic investment and development practices, positions Korman as a key player in realizing the full potential of real estate assets, thereby maximizing returns and contributing to the sector's overall growth and dynamism. 
With Korman, investors can expect more from their real estate investing journey. They can leverage the benefits of working with a real estate investment partner with various skill sets and possibilities. Whether an investor is looking for core-plus strategies or more opportunistic returns, Korman can deliver tailored solutions. The result is an unparalleled level of flexibility, versatility, and adaptability.

But what truly sets Korman apart from the rest?


1. The advantage of experience

In distinguishing Korman from its competitors, the linchpin lies in its rich heritage and visionary leadership, particularly that of Steve Korman, the founder of Korman Communities in 1995, and his sons, Larry Korman and Brad Korman, co-CEOs of Korman Communities, the creators of the AVE and AKA brands.
When Steve Korman's grandfather, Hyman Korman, established his roots in the Philadelphia area over a century ago, he set forth with an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for the future. Although it's unlikely he could foresee the full extent of his legacy, his innovative and forward-thinking approach laid a solid foundation for what would become Korman Communities. This enduring vision has served as a guiding North Star for Korman and its employees across generations.
Now, five generations deep into the Korman legacy, with Larry and Brad Korman at the helm representing the fourth generation, the family's contributions to real estate have been monumental. Under their leadership, Korman has developed over 40,000 single-family homes, 6,000 condominiums, 16,000 apartments and townhouses, 4,000 hotel suites, and over two million square feet of commercial space. These figures symbolize the efficacy of Korman's real estate portfolio management strategy, underscoring the significant value that an experienced and trusted company can offer to real estate investors.
The transition of leadership from Steve Korman to his sons Larry and Brad in the early 2000s, and the development of the AVE and AKA brands under their stewardship represent a pivotal chapter in the company's story. This evolution reflects a commitment to maintaining the family's legacy and an eagerness to innovate and adapt to the changing landscapes of the real estate market. 

2. All investment partnerships are personalized

Too often, the real estate investing journey is treated as a transactional experience between two parties. Korman views this type of relationship as a chance to develop long-term partnerships based on mutual understanding and respect. 
Take the direct relationships between investors and the Korman family members, for example. All investors get one-on-one treatment and service from the moment they join Korman to guide their dreams of earning wealth through exceptional real estate sector performance. Korman's low employee turnover rates also help investors continue working with the same team members repeatedly, furthering the bond between them and Korman's leaders.

3. A proven track record

Korman's business model is known for consistently yielding outsized distributions. The reason is simple: Korman's people have constructed effective real estate portfolio management strategy processes based on their deep understanding of all facets of the real estate market.
Just how impressive is Korman's record? The company routinely increases properties' cash flow and optimizes residential occupancy rates. Plus, Korman maintains a database of more than 400,000 loyal customers and clients. 

4. A commitment to lifelong innovation

Korman's approach to real estate investing is distinguished by an innovative business model that encompasses a diverse portfolio, including traditional, furnished, and serviced apartments, hotels, and luxury hotel residences alongside its ventures into the commercial sector. This strategy underlines Korman's philosophy: not merely to replicate the successes of others but to redefine the benchmarks of achievement within the industry.
Commercial endeavors form a significant component of Korman's innovative edge. The company's commercial properties include offices, stores, and restaurants. These are strategically integrated within residential buildings, enhancing the convenience and lifestyle of residents while contributing to the vibrancy of the community. Additionally, Korman has expanded into the hospitality sector with AKA Hotels, marking its newest venture. Hotel AKA properties in prime cities like Miami, New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., and Alexandria, VA along with AKA Hotel Residences in Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, London, and Washington, DC, further exemplify Korman's expansive and adaptive approach to real estate.
One of Korman's most recent groundbreaking projects is the development of a two-building apartment community at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This ambitious multi-stage project aims to infuse a suburban sensibility and modern allure into one of the East Coast's most historic and cherished urban landscapes. Jeff Brown, AVE's Director of Development, articulates the project's innovative essence: "We're creating a destination and setting a tone for what housing should be like in the Navy Yard, something that's new, something that's different, and really embodies next-generation thinking."
In addition to its residential and commercial undertakings, Korman's commitment to innovation is further demonstrated by the AVE Santa Clara project. This initiative in partnership with Ensemble represents a significant step forward, aiming to establish a new standard for luxury and convenience in residential living. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, AVE Santa Clara is poised to cater to the unique needs of a discerning clientele, blending top-tier amenities with the cutting-edge design and functionality that are hallmarks of Korman's development philosophy.
Through these multifaceted projects, Korman showcases its willingness to adopt and pioneer new concepts in real estate and its capacity to create dynamic, multifunctional spaces that cater to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences. This forward-thinking approach cements Korman's status as a leader in the real estate sector, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible within both the residential and commercial realms. 

5. Focus on elite values and partnerships

Korman Communities articulates its foundational principles through the acronym QUEST, which stands for Quality, Uniqueness, Excellence, Service, and Teamwork. These values define Korman's internal ethos and guide its interactions and collaborations with external partners, underscoring the company's commitment to excellence in every facet of its operations.
Quality is at the forefront of Korman's endeavors, ensuring that every project and service meets the highest standards. Uniqueness is embraced through innovative design and development strategies, setting Korman properties apart in the competitive real estate market. Excellence is pursued relentlessly, reflecting Korman's dedication to surpassing expectations. Service highlights the importance of customer satisfaction and personalized experiences for residents and investors alike. Lastly, Teamwork is crucial, not only within the organization but also in forging strong partnerships that amplify Korman's capacity to achieve its ambitious goals.
An example of Korman's strategic collaborations is its recent partnership with RXR. This alliance embodies a shared vision for the future of real estate, combining RXR's innovative approach to development and investing with Korman's broad expertise and robust portfolio. By joining forces with RXR, Korman is poised to enhance its national and international presence, offering an expanded array of profitable opportunities for real estate investors.
This partnership is a testament to the company's strategic approach to growth and innovation. By aligning with entities that share its commitment to the QUEST values, Korman not only amplifies its capabilities but also reinforces its position as a leader in the real estate sector, capable of delivering unparalleled value and service to its stakeholders.
There's little argument that Korman is a leader in real estate. Yet what makes Korman special is what makes it the right fit for so many investing groups and individual investors: The team's dedication to expanding its reach and expertise beyond the norm.
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